FAQ: Winter in Yosemite

Q) Do you go to Yosemite year-round?

A) Incredible Adventures travels to Yosemite EVERY DAY. Many tour companies around here shut down their Yosemite operations during the snowy winter months, but we’re one of the few that stay operational year ’round! With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day (the only 3 days we don’t operate tours), we run our Yosemite Day Tours daily, year ’round, and our Yosemite Winter Stay & Play Hotel Tours daily throughout the winter season! Our Yosemite Hotel Tours run 3 times a week in the summertime, as do our Yosemite Escape 3-Day Camping Tours.

Q2) What about all the snow and road closures in Yosemite in the winter?

A2) Yosemite is located up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, so it gets quite a bit of snow in the winter time. For us coastal-California types, this is super exciting (we’re not very used to snow down here at sea-level)! Still, it can make transportation through the mountain passes a little more complicated, so we are always well-prepared for any kind of weather. All of our vehicles are small-format (no more than 15 passengers), which makes it easier for us to get around. Every mini-coach in our fleet is prepared with snow chains, and our guides are rigorously trained to know when and how to use them safely. In the winter months, we check the road conditions several times a day, making sure that our routes to and from Yosemite are the safest and clearest available (to assure the safety and comfort of our guests, and also to maximize the amount of time you get to explore the park)!

Q3) Are there differences in the tour in the wintertime?

A3)There are  a lot of areas of Yosemite that aren’t accessible in the wintertime, and you’d be pretty miserable in the cold if you COULD get there. So, we try to format our tours to make sure you’re getting the best options for you within the season that you’re traveling! The links below will take you to our summer and winter itineraries for both our day and overnight tours:


Yosemite Day Tour
Yosemite Experience 2-Day Hotel Tour
Yosemite Escape 3-Day Camping Tour


Yosemite Winter Semi-guided Overnight Lodging Tour
Yosemite Stay & Play 2-Day Winter Hotel Tour

If you have any concerns or questions, you can ALWAYS contact us and we’ll help you with anything you need to fully enjoy your time in Yosemite!

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