Frequently Asked Tour Questions - Incredible Adventures

Q. How far is it from San Francisco to Yosemite?

A. The route we drive is generally about 192 miles (309 km) one-way, and takes 3-4 hours depending on traffic. We try to break up the long drive with stops at a local fruit stand to get some fresh produce, a stop for food/meals, and of course, bathroom breaks when needed.

Q. I’m from (insert country with a lower drinking age), and I’m under 21. Can I taste wine on your tour?

A. Sorry to say, the laws are applicable where you’re *consuming* the drinks, and not where you’re from. The liquor laws in California state that you must be 21 or over with a valid form of government ID to be served.

Q. What’s your “fuel surcharge” all about and why do you charge it?

A. Though Incredible Adventures uses a petroleum-free biofuel fuel (which isn’t yet common in the industry and isn’t directly influenced by gas prices), we’re at the effect of market prices for our fuel, and sometimes even subject to limited supply. The surcharge is designed to adjust for fluctuating fuel/operation prices during the tour season.

We believe that protecting the environment from harmful emissions (and not being reliant on oil) is worth the additional cost of using an alternative fuel, and worth the extra work we do to maintain biofuel as a viable alternative in our industry.Our hope is that we can always be clear with our passengers about these sorts of additions so there are no surprises, and make sure our clients know exactly what they’re getting, and what they’re paying for it.

Q. Can I bring my luggage on the tour with me?

A. Because of our small-size vehicles, we have limited luggage space. Each passenger may bring one soft-sided overnight bag or regular-sized day pack with them on the vehicle. The under-seat storage space will accept ~13.5″x12″x11″ if the item is hard-sided; slightly larger if it is soft-sided. If you must bring more/larger luggage, please be aware that you’ll need to pay for a seat on the vehicle to store it during your trip. No luggage or gear may be placed in the aisle.

Most hotels in San Francisco will store your larger luggage after check-out or before check-in (some charge a fee for this service).

Q. Why don’t you pick up at the San Francisco Airport (SFO) or from airport area hotels?

A. SFO is about 13 miles to the south of the city, and is not actually located in San Francisco proper. This means an added 20 minutes each direction to get to these hotels, which cuts into the precious time we have to take to to see the amazing views of Yosemite Valley (or worse, it cuts into your wine tasting time)!

If you’re staying at an airport hotel with a car, we can suggest a local hotel in the city that has very reasonable flat-rate parking. We also suggest taking BART into the city and meeting us right by the Powell St station at a central hotel meeting point. Give us a call and we’re happy to help you arrange your transportation to meet our drivers in the city!

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