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We are currently no longer accepting applications for full-time, seasonal guiding positions for 2024. 

Have questions about the job or the application? Please email or call 415-642-7378.


About Incredible Adventures
Tour Guide Position
Minimum Qualifications
Benefits and Perks

Incredible Adventures is an environmentally-conscious outdoor travel company based in San Francisco that offers small group tours in the Bay area and beyond – we specialize in Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods, Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, the California coast, and Lake Tahoe!

About our Team: We are an adventurous group that thrives on being in a casual and laid-back workplace that offsets our challenging and dynamic jobs. We love to travel and we are all huge advocates of preserving our natural resources through green business practices. Many of our vehicles run on petroleum-free biofuels and have a limited impact on the environment (Incredible Adventures is a certified SF Green Business).

Incredible Adventures is looking for reliable, safety-driven, organized individuals with a desire for adventure. Guides should have a customer-service oriented disposition, fun, and outgoing attitude, and enjoy interacting with people from all over the country and the world. Experience is a plus, but not required. Safe driving skills are a must. Tour Guides will need to acquire a California Commercial Drivers License with a Passenger Endorsement. Training for the CDL will be provided during a 3-week training course in the spring.

On single-day trips, Guides will pick up and drop off passengers at San Francisco hotels and provide an informational narrative during the entire tour. On multi-day adventures, Guides will arrange daily logistics, outdoor and evening activities, sightseeing excursions, and teach sustainable travel, camping etiquette, and cooking skills.

Compensation: Wages are per trip, with daily rates for experienced guides/drivers ranging from $175-$300, plus gratuity. Wages for overnight, multi-day tours are per trip and range from $275-$1350, plus gratuity. Our experienced guides can bring home more than $400 a day, including gratuity.

  • Must be at least 23 years of age
  • Must already possess or be willing to obtain a valid Commercial Driver’s License, Class B or C with passenger endorsement of 16+ (CDL training and assistance provided during training)
  • Great communication skills
  • High energy and excellent people skills
  • Must be a safe, courteous driver
  • Required to participate in state and federally-regulated drug and alcohol program which includes a pre-employment drug screen
  • Ability to obtain Basic First Aid/CPR certificate
  • As the flow of tourism dictates our business, we ask that you are available to work weekends and holidays as needed
  • Competitive pay and unlimited tips
  • Become an expert guide in well-known destinations including Yosemite, Muir Woods, San Francisco, and Napa & Sonoma
  • Spend time exploring the outdoors in some of the most scenic areas of the country
  • Opportunity to work in top tourist destinations and national parks throughout the Southwest USA and beyond for Overland/Remote Guides
  • Flexible scheduling for both roles plus the option for part-time work for SF-based guides
  • Assistance with finding housing plus discounts on communal housing options for SF-based guides
  • Housing stipend/contribution to defray cost-of-living expenses for all SF-based guides
  • Meal stipends on overnight hotel-based tours; included meals on most camping trips
  • San Francisco activity discounts on popular attractions
  • Opportunities for career advancement in the Outdoor Adventure Travel Industry
  • Hiring bonus for experienced guides with a current CDL – Class B or C with Passenger Endorsement

*We have a diverse team and highly encourage people from all ethnicities, backgrounds, social status, sexual orientations, and more to apply! If you’re interested but have questions or are unsure about anything, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Guiding for Incredible Adventures FAQ

What are the basic qualifications required to be a guide at Incredible Adventures?

In addition to being a safe driver, there are a number of qualifications required to guide for Incredible Adventures. Most of these requirements are mandated by federal and state laws, or by our insurance company. All guides are required to:

  • be 23 years of age or older;
  • have, or be able to obtain, a California class C commercial license with Passenger endorsements (we will train the right candidate);
  • be a safe, courteous driver;
  • have a ‘clean’ short form DMV record (this goes back at least three years; 10 if you already possess or have possessed a commercial license – Form H6 from the DMV);
  • have a great personality, like working closely with people from all backgrounds and have the ability to drive long distances in a day;
  • have a smile and patience;
  • have the ability to act professionally at all times, especially under pressure;
  • attend our guide training in San Francisco in the spring of 2024, and, if seasonal, work through October 31, 2024. Winter work may be possible for the right candidate.

How much will I get paid?

Incredible Adventures offers a top-tier compensation and benefits package, surpassing industry standards for active travel. Guides are hired as Incredible Adventures employees, granting them benefits unavailable to independent contractors. In addition to competitive base pay rates, leaders receive substantial gratuities from guests, often doubling or tripling a first-year leader’s per-trip income due to Incredible Adventures’ leading position in the industry and higher guest numbers per trip. More detailed information about compensation will be provided during the interview stage process.

Furthermore, numerous perks and benefits reduce out-of-pocket expenses, enabling leaders to save money. Full-time year-round guides are eligible for the following benefits:

  • vacation;
  • health insurance, dental and vision insurance, medical reimbursement accounts;
  • 401(k) plan;
  • long-term disability benefits;
  • paid sick leave in accordance with San Francisco, CA applicable laws;
  • commuter benefits package;
  • pro-deals
  • guide incentive and safety bonus program

Is there staff housing?

There is no staff housing for Incredible Adventures. All of our guides live in or around the city in their own housing accommodations. We completely understand that searching for housing in San Francisco can be a daunting task but it is possible and there are always options. We will help you as best we can with resources for finding housing, but ultimately it is your responsibility to secure accommodation. Oftentimes, guides will team up during Guide Training to look for shared housing together. For Summer 2024, we are offering a housing reimbursement program that will help to partially offset rent costs in SF throughout the season.

I see there are multi-day trips; how many nights are you typically in the city?

Multi-day trips start in the spring and get very busy throughout the summer. Depending on the trips you’re scheduled for you could be in the city anywhere from 4-6 nights/week. In the early spring and late fall your trips will mainly be day tours which will bring you back to the city every night.

I’ve never been to the places we travel-- can I still work here?

Absolutely! Our guides are from all over. During training, you will learn a lot about the locations we travel to and also visit some of the places on your training trip. However, it is important to note that you will be expected to study these locations, their history, and information to share with passengers in order to best prepare yourself for the season ahead.

Sounds fun, but isn’t being a guide a lot of hard work?

Yeah, you bet it is! While we do think most people have what it takes to be a guide with Incredible Adventures, those applicants not willing to work hard, smile through adversity, and rise to unexpected challenges will not be a good fit.

What’s the difference in the different guide positions you are hiring for in 2024?

For 2024, we will be hiring for two different guiding roles: Incredible Adventures San Francisco-based guides, and Overland or Remote guides.

San Francisco-based guides will run the day tours and overnight trips out of San Francisco and will require housing in the Bay Area. Overland or remote guides will run tours throughout the country and will not need any housing in the San Francisco area. These tours will range in length from 1-3 weeks and will require guides to have prior guiding experience. These tours can either be camping or hotel trips and guides will also be driving with trailers.

How many days per week will I work?

Seasonal guides should prepare to be scheduled for four to six days per week. However, weather, seasonal patterns, park closures, and other issues can influence scheduling and demand.

What do you look for in an Incredible Adventures guide?

We employ guides from all walks of life and backgrounds. We look for people who are safe drivers, great communicators, motivated, and work well with others. Our guides are patient and compassionate people who strive to provide amazing trips every day on the road. More to the point, we look for hard working guides who challenge themselves and others, love showing our clients the beautiful destinations we visit throughout the western United States and beyond.

I notice you offer day and multi-day tours. What’s the difference?

In a typical day on a one-day tour, a guide will pick up clients at any number of San Francisco hotels, provide informational narrative during the trip and in-destination, conduct a guided tour, and offer suggestions and directions for clients. In addition, guides may collect payment, communicate with the office throughout the day as necessary, and drive back to San Francisco to drop clients off at hotels. The day trips offer our highest daily rate of pay and provide our first-year guides the opportunity to hone their leading skills with the advantage of shorter trips.

Incredible Adventures’ multi-day tours offer a different type of experience. Our guides love these trips because they provide more time in destination with our clients. This enables guides to gain a deeper appreciation of destinations we visit, build on the skills they’ve mastered on the day trips and to further engage with their group of travelers.

What might a typical day for a guide look like on a multi-day tour?

Here is an example of what one of your days on our Yosemite Escape 3 Day camping tour might look:

You wake up to the sound of the rushing Merced River and get coffee going for everyone. You’ll then review your plan for the day and take care of the pre-trip inspection on the vehicle while checking in with each of your guests. After a briefing with the group, you’ll load them up and head into the park for another beautiful day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They can bike, hike, walk, swim, or float in the Valley before heading back to camp. Campfires, s’mores, and cocktails might be in order after dinner. Get a good night’s sleep, then wake up and repeat!

What time do you typically go into work?

This changes depending on your trips. Some trips require you to come into the office as early as 5:30am whereas other days you may not start till 7am. Typically, your mornings are always on the early side and your day could end anywhere between 6-10pm.

Driving is not my favorite, how much driving is involved?

Although bringing your passengers around new places and being a wealth of knowledge is one of the best parts of being a tour guide, you are first and foremost a commercial driver. Safe and skilled driving is the most important part of this job. Driving varies from trip to trip. On a Yosemite Day Tour you can expect about 9 hours of driving, whereas a Wine Country Tour may only require about 4 hours.

Do I need a car?

Some of our guides have their own vehicle and some do not. Although having a car can be helpful in certain situations it is not a necessity. There are many public transportation options to get around the city. Biking, electric scooters, and ride shares are also common modes of transportation in the city.