CoolCA Small Business Climate Leaders

CoolCA Small Business Climate Leader Interview

On Wednesday, March 3, California Air Resources Board (CARB), a division of the state’s Environmental Protection Agency, presented San Francisco’s greenest tour provider, Incredible Adventures, with a CoolCalifornia Small Business Climate Leader award!

CoolCalifornia’s Small Business program acknowledges steps a company takes to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize its environmental impact. To qualify for this award, a business must have less than 100 employees and be in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. Much of what already qualifies us as an SF Green Business  made us eligible to apply.

Accepting CoolCA award

Submissions from a wide array of businesses from all over the state were thoroughly vetted by a panel of 17 judges. Nineteen winners represented an auto body shop, a dental office, a pet cleaning company, a winery and vineyard, a hotel, a catering company, a gym and more!

Our biofuel fueled mission on the road and green practices in the office demonstrated to the committee our approach to integrate sustainable practices throughout our operations. Factors taken into consideration during judgement were our plumbing, light fixtures, recycling, composting and green purchasing policy that all align to reduce our costs and increase sustainable efficiency.

As a designated climate leader, we now qualify to distinguish ourselves as a Business of the Year at their next event. We look forward to documenting our improvements this coming year and continuously evolving our operations to proactively work with the environmental issues at hand.

CoolCA Award

Our commitment to protect the natural areas that we visit on our trips is more than just the physical award or a few paragraphs for the blog. We are leading California towards a healthier economic future. We look forward to the day when green business becomes less of a trend and more of our reality. Less award recognition necessary – we’ll just all do what’s right! But hey, in the meantime – our beautiful, shiny, heavy, blue and perfect award made of recycled glass sure does look nice at our receptionist’s desk 🙂

Congratulations to all who shared this prestigious honor!

We are proud to be grouped  together with such an incredible crowd!


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