What Makes San Francisco the Best City in the World?

It’s no wonder to us that San Francisco frequently lands in lists of the top 10 cities around the world. As San Francisco residents, we here at Incredible Adventures know all about how good the weather, food, and art scene is. It’s why we run so many San Francisco tours!

But we’re not the ones who need convincing it’s number one. If you’re wondering what makes San Francisco the best city in the world, we’re here to break it down, from its inclusive community to its innovation.

Read on to learn more about what makes San Francisco great, or feel free to contact us regarding our excursions.

A panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge spanning across the bay with a clear blue sky and cityscape in the background.

San Francisco’s pleasant weather

San Francisco may be well-known for its fog, but the climate has a lot in common with the average Mediterranean climate and it therefore lends itself to pleasant and mild weather for much of the year. 

Summers are dry and warm, with temperatures averaging 63.5°F. In the spring and fall, the weather is equally comfortable, with temperatures averaging between 57 and 60°F. With winter comes rain, as temperatures drop to around 50°F and the clouds roll in. These months are thankfully short, and you can expect most of your time in San Francisco to be blessed by sun. 

Walkable streets in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities out there, with a walkability score of 89 by Walk Score. Just about everything you need in the city is within walking distance, including plenty of public parks. 

The most walkable neighborhoods include Chinatown, Tenderloin, Polk Gulch, and North Beach. Every Sunday, streets across the city are closed off to cars, inviting people to connect with their neighbors and engage in recreational activities. Check out the Sunday Streets initiative for their calendar of events.

If you’d like to get around faster, cycling is also easy to do in San Francisco. The city has an extensive system of bikeways to ensure safety and continues to plan even more routes for greater accessibility and a reduced carbon footprint.

A street view from San Francisco showing steep, colorful residential buildings, pedestrians, and distant views of the bay and a bridge.

Eco-friendly San Francisco

If you want to buy a plastic water bottle in San Francisco, you’re going to have a hard time. The city is phasing out the sale of plastic bottles, with the airport instituting a complete ban on the pollutants. This follows after San Francisco banned the use of plastic shopping bags, successfully reducing the city’s waste. 

With its thorough recycling program, effective public transportation, walkability, and use of renewable energy, San Francisco is one of the leading eco-friendly cities in the US. Inc Adventures is proud to be an official San Francisco Green Business, and you can learn more about how we use green business practices in our tours.

Inclusive communities in San Francisco

For decades, San Francisco has been at the forefront of developing an inclusive society. It has led the charge for progressive politics since the 1960s when it became the center of the gay rights movement in the US. Since 1970, it has held some of the largest pride parades in the world. San Francisco continues to uphold a legacy of diversity and inclusivity, creating a welcoming city for all.

A vibrant rainbow flag waving, symbolizing LGBTQ+ pride and diversity.

San Francisco’s innovative progress 

The Bay Area is not only a powerhouse of social justice, but also innovation. Silicon Valley has served as a hub for major start-ups and leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and IBM. There are also a number of educational museums, including The Tech Museum of Innovation.

You can explore the Apple Visitor’s Center and Computer History Museum as part of our Silicon Valley day tour, discovering how tech giants have changed the world as we know it.

A culture of creativity in San Francisco

From public art to live performances, San Francisco has it all. Admire larger-than-life murals across the city, or visit one of its numerous art galleries. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Asian Art Museum are just some of the best places to see art in San Francisco.

Discover a legacy of creativity and watch a show by the oldest ballet company in the United States – the San Francisco Ballet. If you’re looking for more high art, you can experience a spectacle at the San Francisco Opera, which has been running since 1923. Don’t miss the Fillmore Jazz Festival – it’s the largest free jazz festival on the West Coast held every year.

San Francisco’s culinary scene

Mission burritos, cioppino, and Dungeness crab are just some of the foods that make San Francisco’s culinary scene legendary. Whether you visit Chinatown for dim sum or Fisherman’s Wharf for seafood, you’re bound to find a diverse and delectable array of dishes. 

San Francisco is also renowned for its innovative approach to cuisine, and is even known as the birthplace of the martini. Leading chefs have flocked to the city, opening Michelin-starred restaurants such as Atelier Crenn and Quince.

A large circular sign for Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, featuring a red-orange crab design, against a clear blue sky.

Natural abundance in San Francisco

While San Francisco may be a metropolitan hub, it’s surrounded by pristine natural areas. You don’t have to go far to encounter the countryside, and can even enjoy a number of urban hikes in San Francisco. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is just a drive across the bridge, offering thousands of acres to enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing.

The waters surrounding the city are equally stunning; they provide excellent conditions for kayaking and paddleboarding. For a truly special experience, you can also opt to go on a San Francisco Bay sailing tour.  

These are just some of the reasons that make San Francisco the best city in the world. We can wax lyrical about the beauty of our hometown, but we’d much prefer to show you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our tours of San Francisco, or our private San Francisco tours that we can customize for you.