The Current State of Biofuels

Things are changing in California. Even though our state is considered to be one of the most eco-conscious and our city is at the forefront of technology, there are still obstacles to overcome. A core value of ours was complicated recently when a regulation passed that prohibits the sale of B99 biofuels – our alternative solution to petroleum for more than a decade.  While this doesn’t stop our commitment to using alternative fuels (we are still utilizing a renewable non-petroleum option), it limits our ability to support local producers and 100% waste stream (yellow grease) fuel production. 

See below to learn what’s going on, how it is affecting Incredible Adventures, and how you can help! 

Incredible Adventures’ owners, Jolie Ginsburg and Brian Deninger, have been part of the Biodiesel community since its roots in San Francisco.  This started in 2002 with our vision of having Incredible Adventures become the first fleet in the US  to power its vehicles entirely free of petroleum.  Our petroleum-free fleet helps protect our National Parks which we value so dearly and rely on for our families’ livelihood.

Over the years we have enjoyed many successes, but we have also endured many challenges, whether it be fueling our fleet or ensuring our community has access to a petroleum-free alternative.   Dogpatch Biofuels has always struggled and never been profitable. However, we have stayed the course and continue to advocate and provide a cleaner fuel to promote a cleaner planet.

We regret to inform you of our biggest challenge to date.  As of January 1, 2016, sale of Biodiesel blends above 20% is prohibited by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations. Our variance from the State of California Department of Weights and Measures to sell blends above B20 does not override this new CARB regulation.

Interestingly enough, this prohibition comes on the heels of Incredible Adventures receiving a Cool California Business Award. The award is issued by CARB for California businesses who demonstrate the ability to reduce CO2 emissions and help California achieve it goals of reduced green house gases for a cleaner tomorrow.

We will continue to work with CARB on the possibility of obtaining an “Executive Order” to resume B99 sales in the near future.  In the interim, we are committed to fueling our community and our fleet on petroleum-free fuel.  To achieve our goal, we are changing the fuel sold at Dogpatch Biofuels to a blend we term RB20 (80% Renewable Diesel, 20% Biodiesel).

Much like Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel is derived from both the waste stream and plant oils.  Renewable diesel is a drop-in diesel alternative with no compatibility issues.  Its emissions profile is better than traditional diesel and is not controlled by big petroleum.  With RB20, we are able to have more competitive pricing when compared with petroleum diesel.  This is due to potential volume increases at the station as vehicle engine compatibility is a non-issue.  Over the last 4 years, renewable diesel pricing is more consistent with petrodiesel than biofuel has been.

According to the Air Resource Board and the EPA, the single biggest positive impact that alternative fuels can have on air quality is in the mid-heavy duty fleets.  Dogpatch Biofuels’ RB20 is compatible with all mid-heavy duty vehicles.  With this fuel change, we have an opportunity to reduce petroleum addiction and improve local air quality. So whether you have a connection with Google Bus or know a small construction company looking to lower their impact, please have them call our office (415) 642-7378 and ask for Brian Deninger.

We ask our community to stand with us.  Whether you are a retail customer, fleet customer, traveled with us, friend, family, employee, or motivated to create a cleaner planet, please share this newsletter.  Other positive actions could include writing your representatives, putting pressure on car manufacturers to support alternative fuels, and/or demanding better products that support local business and a cleaner future.

We urge you to contact the Air Resource Board to express any concerns.  General inquiries 800-242-4450 or email

Brian Deninger and Jolie Ginsburg
Owners of Dogpatch Biofuels and Incredible Adventures

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