Lunchtime in Sonoma Town Square

You’re going to drink some of the best wine that California has to offer with some of the most picturesque acres of vineyards as your backdrop.

Could you imagine your day getting any better? Well just around lunchtime – it does!

Here are some ways you can spend your free time in historic Sonoma Town Square:

Grab a Bite to Eat
Lunchtime’s main focus should be the act of lunch. Especially considering the 3-4 tastings on your itinerary, you’ll want some food to soak up the alcohol. Nobody wants to be THAT passenger 😉

A couple of our favorites in the square are Sunflower Caffe as a sit-down option, Sonoma Cheese Factory for a sandwich and cheese sample, or The Girl & The Fig.

Cheese Tastings
While not an official tasting, there are definitely samples to try before you buy. Grab a toothpick and go to town. Try the Jacks; try the cheddars; try em all! We have a feeling you’ll think they’re all grate.

Drink More Wine
Don’t let lunch get in the way of a good time. Keep the wine tastings going! It’s not everyday you’re in a premium wine-growing region. Choose between free pours or pay-to-play. Maybe multitask and order a bite to eat to accompany your glass. However you’re feeling,

Have A Beer
There is a tavern and Irish Pub to take a break from tasting grapes. Sonoma is becoming more recognized for their craft brews so you may want to pair lunch with what’s on tap.

Shop til You Drop
Or at least until you’re supposed to meet back up with your guide! Browse through boutiques full of high-fashion clothing and accessories. Maybe you’ll find the shoes to match that dress you’ve been waiting to wear. Or that dress to match your shoes. Maybe a the perfect golf-themed wine bottle holder for your uncle (no kidding). Skip the cheesy souvenirs (unless it is literally cheese…) and buy yourself something nice!

Learn Something
Sonoma Town Square has a lot of history to it. It’s the site of the Bear Flag Revolt – yes that cute little bear on our state flag – and home of California’s northernmost mission, Mission San Francisco de Solano. Explore the Barracks whose first inhabitants were Mexican soldiers back in 1835!

Chocolate Tastings
Tucked away in a little alley of shops is a delightful chocolate shop sure to appease your sweet tooth. No reservation necessary, you can waltz in and sample their truffle ganache flavor of the day and taste chocolates in varying cacao percentages. Try their world class truffles filled with ganaches made of fruit, honeys, peanut butter, and you guessed it – more wine!

Our guides spend a lot of time in Sonoma Town Square. They’re friends with the locals that work downtown and know all of the hidden gems. Be sure to ask your guide for advice if you’re not sure what to do! However you choose to spend your time – we’re sure you’ll enjoy your break on this Incredible Woods and Wine Combo Tour!

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