The Past, Present, and Future Collide on a Silicon Valley Tour

Serving as a relatively new landmark location in American history, Silicon Valley is widely considered the home of Big Tech today. With the likes of Apple, Google, Oracle, and more based here, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world that can match the technological innovation that comes out of this region. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the technology that you use daily, then let us guide you here at Incredible Adventures with our one-day, nine-hour Silicon Valley tour!  

Silicon Valley Tour Itinerary

What draws many people to visit Silicon Valley are the stories behind some of the great companies in American history. From rags to riches fables to double-crosses and more, this competitive environment has both fostered and eviscerated entrepreneurs trying to change the world. Before you embark, your Silicon Valley tour with Incredible Adventures will take you through the origin stories of Apple, Google, IBM, and many other previously unrecognized technologists that paved the way for the most recent technological revolution. A little bit of background knowledge will be an insightful starting point before the tour truly commences. 

Google campus from above

The first stop on this tour will take you down Hacker Way, where you will have the opportunity to ‘check-in’ at the Facebook Thumbs Up Sign. From there, you’ll make your way to the famed Google Campus, complete with the mesmerizing Android Lawn Statues. Before departing, make sure to check out the gift shop and bring home some swag. 

The next major stop is a favorite of many guests who go on our Silicon Valley tour: the Computer History Museum. From illustrating the origins of early computing, with the abacus to the modern-day wonders of self-driving cars, to the future and complexities of artificial intelligence, there is something new for everyone. Your last visit will be to the Apple Visitor’s Center, a fairly new establishment that also features a fully-stocked Apple Store.


Tech Excellence | Incredible Adventures

Though it is far different from many of the other tours that we offer here at Incredible Adventures, our Silicon Valley tour is among the most exciting. With technology being as pervasive as it is in our everyday life, what better way to get a better grasp of it and its history? Explore these famed campuses and gain insight from the informative museums, all while soaking up the California sunshine. If this sounds up your alley, be sure to book a tour with us by calling 1-800-777-8464 for a byte-sized adventure you’ll never forget!

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