Explore the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

If exploring the Black Canyon, carved by the beautiful Colorado River, is on your bucket list, then book a memorable tour through Incredible Adventures. We will bring you on the tour of a lifetime as we head down the Colorado River, admiring the beauty of the Black Canyon. Not only do we bring you down the river underneath the towering Black Canyon, but we’ll begin at the sky-high Hoover Dam. Learn more about one of our favorite tours below, the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, and book with us today!

Desert Adventures Hoover Dam


Before departing on the Black Canyon tour, it might be nice to know a bit of the story behind this magical destination. The canyon was formed approximately 15 million years ago from erosion by the Colorado River. What’s launched this ancient gorge into the spotlight is its relationship with the Hoover Dam. This is where the construction of the Hoover Dam, its gauging stations, tramways, and catwalks all took place. Fortunately, the Black Canyon has kept much of its natural charm that dates back millions of years ago. 

Kayaking Tours

We have two river-based tours that will give you access to beautiful views of the Black Canyon and an adrenaline-pumping ride! For a full-day experience where you’ll spend between five and six hours on the water, book the Black Canyon kayaking tour. After your Las Vegas pick-up, you’ll meet your guide at the drop-in site, where he or she will provide a short safety demonstration for kayaking. From there, the guide will lead you through the best that the gorge has to offer, with stops at remote caves, coves, and hot springs along the way.

Rafting Tours

Our Black Canyon rafting tour also extends a full-day, but with only about three hours on the water. If you’d rather sit back and relax, this is the tour for you, as you’ll make your way through the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on a motorized raft, which frees up your hands to snap plenty of pictures. This laid back tour will delve even deeper into the rich history, archeology, and ecology of the land.

An Experience Millions of Years in the Making 

Whether you want to be the captain of your own boat or a passenger on the powered watercraft, a trip through the Black Canyon of the Colorado River will be an experience you’ll never forget. From the base of the Hoover Dam to the various caves and coves that have formed over the course of millions of years, there is beauty around every corner of the famed gorge. And who would be a better guide than us here at Incredible Adventures? Whether you’re in Vegas or just in the area, there’s no better way to take in the beautiful natural surroundings than on a tour with us. Call us at 1-800-777-8464 to get started on your adventure today!

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