Make Your Summer An Incredible Adventure

The following article is the first of a new series of blog articles on what it’s like to be an Incredible Guide from the people who know the job best – our guides!

Thinking about getting into the outdoor industry? Intrigued by the guide life, or just looking for a change of pace? It’s a pretty incredible life and here’s why:

Live the best of both worlds 

A great perk to being an Incredible Guide is the balance between life in the city and love for the mountains. Most of us here at Incredible Adventures love the outdoors. When we’re off the clock you can catch us hiking, rock climbing, biking, or pondering the aisles of city gear shops dreaming up our next incredible adventure. Although a city, San Francisco affords easy access to outdoor driven passions. 

However, living in the city also affords the opportunity to indulge in the quirks of the innovative and lively peninsula. Wander world-class farmer’s markets, eat at some of the most reputable restaurants or catch a sports game and experience the spirit of this city’s fan base. On a sunny afternoon you can picnic in Golden Gate or Dolores Park and get a front row seat to those picturesque California sunsets. Live in the lights of San Francisco, and work under the stars in places like Yosemite National Park, Wine Country, and Lake Tahoe.

It’s the best of both worlds!

From hiking boots to high heels, our girl guides head out to enjoy the nightlife of San Francisco


Tag, you’re it!  

Our guide Daniel brings his group- and a cozy sleeping bag- to enjoy sunset in Yosemite High Country.

You might run the same trip a dozen times over the summer, but it will never be the same. With every trip, you have a new group and that will always change your outlook and itinerary. The exciting part is on a lot of the trips you create the schedule!

You may be visiting the same place but when your groups vary in age, size, and interest it always keeps you on your toes and you’ll find new places to explore and new ways to operate. You might come up with a new dinner menu to cook around the campfire, discover a new marketplace in wine country for lunch, or find a hidden swimming spot to cool down on those boiling August afternoons. Monotonous and boring days are not found when you guide with Incredible Adventures. You’ll know how to make every trip great for your group with your own incredible secrets and personal style!

Learn about the world from people around the world 

Your passengers will be from everywhere. In a short time your bucket list of places to visit will grow exponentially. Every traveler is the best spokesperson for their own country so places that never crossed your mind will suddenly appear at the top of your list. It’s the advantage of learning about these locations from a local rather than a websearch.

Similarly, as a guide, you will be the local for northern California’s greatest attractions.
While descending into the grey cliffs of Yosemite Valley, you’ll entice your passengers with the history of how this sublime wonderland came to be. Or share how the grapes of Wine Country are a significant ingredient to the glass of pinot noir they’re currently drinking in a rustic tasting room. With this work comes the benefit of educational exchange; you learn a great deal about the world from your passengers and they will learn the intricacies of California’s greatest destinations from you!

Born in the south shore of Massachusetts, Mikayla‘s love for camping and hiking came later in life. Throughout college Mikayla ventured around New England running, hiking, and biking but headed west after graduation with a desire to be surrounded by mountains bigger than what her hometown could offer. Mikayla first taught outdoor education in the Sierra Nevada mountains before becoming one of Incredible Adventure’s most knowledgable guides. When Mikayla is not exploring this new corner of the west you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe to take on the trail, reading the newest memoir in her hammock, or en route to a new donut shop as she has a bucket list of 36 across the U.S.

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