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People visit Alcatraz Island for many reasons, whether you’re a history buff, want a glimpse of how life was for prisoners, or just want to see the famous maximum-security prison and cross it off your bucket list. Whatever the reason may be, when you tour Alcatraz with Incredible Adventures, you’re able to get a full look of the entire prison and also spend time at the beautiful Yosemite National Park. So get your friends or family (or both) together and get prepared for nothing short of an incredible adventure when you book one of our Alcatraz tours.

Incredible Adventures: Alcatraz and Yosemite Day Tour

This awesome tour with us will be an unforgettable experience as you venture to some of the most iconic places in California. Below, you can learn more about what this tour will entail, and discover why going through Incredible Adventures is the right choice when it comes to going on not just a tour of Alcatraz but of anywhere throughout the United States. 

This tour really has it all, including an Alcatraz Day Tour or an Alcatraz Night Tour, complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off, knowledgeable tour guides, entrance to the Aquarium of the Bay and Yosemite Valley, as well as three hours of free time in Yosemite Valley. Our tour guides will also bring you on a narrated in-coach tour of Yosemite that lasts for about 90 minutes so that you can learn all about the park. 

Let’s get to the most exciting part: the tour of Alcatraz. Whether you choose to go during the day or night, you’ll get the full Alcatraz experience. When you’re at the prison, you’ll hear an abundance of interesting stories and be able to see how the prisoners lived, the food they ate, the bathrooms they had to use, and what life was like living at the prison. Day tours cost about $39, and night tours cost about $45, and they’re worth every buck!

After the exciting tour of Alcatraz, you’ll head to Yosemite at the Aquarium of the Bay. Spend a good chunk of time surrounded by the true beauty of Yosemite National Park that has been wowing visitors for over 125 years. With rushing waterfalls, massive granite monoliths, extensive valleys, and towering ancient sequoias, it’s the perfect place to get some gorgeous photos and enjoy nature. At the Aquarium of the Bay, you’ll be able to see over 20,000 sea creatures, including colorful fish, eels, sharks, sea lions, octopuses, and so much more. The Aquarium at the Bay is perfect for all ages!

To learn more about this tour, including pricing, head to the Incredible Adventures website.

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