A lake surrounded by mountains in Yosemite National Park, California.

FAQ: Winter in Yosemite

Q) Do you go to Yosemite year-round? A) Incredible Adventures travels to Yosemite EVERY DAY. Many tour companies around here shut down their Yosemite operations during the snowy winter months, but we’re one of the few that stay operational year ’round! With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day (the only 3 days we...
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Sleeping bags to be donated to people in need in San Francisco

Sustainable Travel: Donating Camping Gear

Being sustainable in this industry is difficult; there’s a lot of waste inherent in travel. One of the major issues we face as a green business is what to do with all of our lightly used (and sometimes more than lightly used) gear. Providing camping trips in Yosemite (and adventurous experiences all over the United States) results...
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FAQ: Pickups from SFO / San Francisco Airport

Q) Do you pick up at the San Francisco Airport (SFO) or from airport-area hotels? A) Incredible Adventures picks up at nearly every hotel in the city proper: hotels in SOMA, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, the Financial District, the Embarcadero, and Lombard Street are all within our pickup radius! That said, we cannot pick you...
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Dogpatch Biofuels Station

FAQ: Biodiesel Fuel Surcharge on Yosemite Tours

Q. WHAT’S YOUR “FUEL SURCHARGE” ALL ABOUT? WHY DO YOU CHARGE IT? A. Incredible Adventures uses a petroleum-free biofuel fuel. This this isn’t yet common in the industry and isn’t directly influenced by gas prices, but we’re still at the effect of market prices for our fuel, and sometimes even subject to limited supply. The...
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Eco Friendly Van

Let’s Talk About Greenwashing

GREEN. You’ve seen it in the news, in advertisements, on the television, and in your local stores. With the mainstream media *finally* recognizing the devastating effects of global warming and conscious consumers demanding change, being green is “cool” these days and everyone’s jumping on-board. Corporate “greenwashing” is rampant. You may see the words  “Sustainable”, “Eco-Conscious”,...
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