Valentine’s Day Trading Cards: National Parks Edition

Who needs chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day? Who needs a sappy boyfriend or girlfriend? Who needs expensive dinner reservations or an elaborate proposal*?


Those things are great, but this year, all we need are our National Parks!


While there are so many things to love on this special day, there are few things in this world that we adore more than our National Parks. As Edwin C. Bearss, NPS Chief Historian, 1981-1994, said, “Our national park system belongs to all of us, both legally and spiritually.”


Whenever you’re down, our National Parks are there for you. If you need peace and quiet away from your routinely busy lifestyle, our National Parks are there for you. If you are itching for an escape outdoors, a taste of fresh air or a night under the stars, our National Parks are there for you. If you want to learn something new, our National Parks (and thousands of volunteer docents, scientists, and rangers) are there for you!


We feel immensely connected to these protected plots of land. And we wanted to share our love with the whole world (wide web). We shout it from soaring maintained mountain tops and scream it to beautifully sheltered seas. So for Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing Trading Cards for our land conserving followers to share with loved ones all over the Earth!

Arches National Park Valentine Badlands National Park valentine Death Valley National Park Valentine Everglades National Park valentine Glacier Bay National Park valentine Grand Canyon National Park valentine Kings Canyon National Park valentine Wrangell National Park valentine Yellowstone National Park valentine Zion National Park valentine


*that said, if you ARE going to propose, what better way to do so than in one of these amazing locations? The national parks are an inspiring and beautiful backdrop for you to pop the big question, or even celebrate the big day! 

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