People Don’t Care About Climate Change? Think Again.

Climate change is real, and people ARE paying attention.

Tomorrow, over a hundred world leaders in many fields (including President Barack Obama) are gathering for a Climate Summit at the UN headquarters in New York to begin work on a global agreement to address climate change. The Climate Summit’s website says “The Climate Summit will be about action and solutions that are focused on accelerating progress in areas that can significantly contribute to reducing emissions and strengthening resilience – such as agriculture, cities, energy, financing, forests, pollutants, resilience and transportation.”

“By promoting climate action, it aims to show that leaders across sectors and at all levels are taking action, thus expanding the reach of what is possible today, in 2015, and beyond.”

To kick things off, more than 300,000 people showed up in New York for the People’s Climate March over the weekend, making it the largest climate-focused march in history. This march filled 4 miles of streets around Columbus Circle and Central Park West and got a LOT of news coverage. Among the crowd were politicians, policymakers, and famous environmentalists – including Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo was recently named a “Messenger of Peace on Climate Change” by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, joining the likes of Edward Norton, Michael Douglas, Charlize Theron, and Jane Goodall (to name a few influential folks that also hold the MOP title). Leonardo will be speaking at the summit tomorrow as well.

Things are starting to change. In the news this week, it was reported that the Rockefeller family is divesting of their shares in fossil fuels, and have pledged to invest in cleaner alternatives. According to the New York Times, “their actions…could help spur international debate, while the shift of investment funds to energy alternatives could lead to solutions to the carbon puzzle.” (read the full article).

At Incredible Adventures, we use biofuel fuel made from locally-sourced, 100% recycled waste vegetable oil to run our fleet of mini-coaches. We think protecting the environment from global warming and traveling the world shouldn’t be conflicting goals, and are dedicated to finding ways to travel responsibly. To see so many people taking to the streets (and putting their money where their mouth is) to bring awareness to these environmental issues is encouraging and inspiring!

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