3 Reasons to Find Yourself Outside this Black Friday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving – one of the best reminders of the year that we have all that we need. Things that we own are extra. The moments we spend with our loved ones and the memories shared are what make us truly grateful. As long as we have our health and freedom, we’ll have a brand new day to do it all over again and get it right! But then, Black Friday rolls around…

The media likes to hype us up for Black Friday. “Save big on the Holidays” “Holiday Sales” “If you don’t buy it now, you’ll be a big, fat, broke, GRINCH come Christmas!” Instead of bringing joy, these sentiments leave both the consumer and businesses with pressure-ridden anxieties! How can you combat the corporate giants this holiday season? Two words: Get Outside! Being out amongst nature and avoiding the malls today will bring many benefits that will make you want to say “Thanks” year-round! Here are our 3 favorite reasons to  opt outside this Black Friday!

Save Money

Consumerism. Capitalism. Some other ‘ism’ that dictates how you should be spending. With less cash registers and price tags out in the wilderness, you’ll have less temptation to throw your money away. Besides a possible park entrance fee (Here’s a list of California State Parks that waived their fees today), maybe some gear and a couple of snacks, your bank account will thank you for making it outside!

Live Stress Free

You know all of those crazy videos where people get trampled running around the store for savings? Or the ones where grown adults physically fight over toys because of a sale sticker? Don’t camp overnight in line for the malls to open their doors. Put your tent to better use and camp in the great outdoors. Sit around the campfire and wake up to the fresh air and freedom to do what you please.

Support Responsible Businesses

Materialism and the selfish desire to always get ahead has employers acting all sorts of crazy this time of year. The hours start earlier and go way later. The expectation of spending time with family is pretty much out the window. Consumers expect accessibility and some employees pay the price.

Last year, REI shook up the idea of Black Friday and the crowd went wild! The president closed their stores nationwide, urged it’s employees to ‘opt outside’ with loved ones and their target market couldn’t agree more. We support businesses like REI in their efforts to respect the sustainability of their workers and the environment.

So what are you doing looking at your screen right now? Get outside! Unplug your devices. Disconnect from you WiFi and your comfort zone. Forget about Black Friday. Let’s make it a Green Friday! Find yourself in nature today.

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