Napa Valley Wine Country

Photo of the walkway for a Muir Woods tour

Muir Woods Tours with Incredible Adventures

If you are searching for a vacation where you can explore nature and the city simultaneously, then consider San Francisco for your next getaway. San Francisco is a lively city where you can explore world-class museums, aquariums, and historical sites. The city is also a short drive away from famous California natural attractions. Approximately one...
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Photo of people enjoying wine on a Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour

Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tours with Incredible Adventures

From the entertainment capital of America to the tallest trees on Earth, people come from all over to experience the diverse attractions in California. One of the most visited areas of the state is the world-renowned wine country. But, with literally thousands of wineries in the state, it can be impossible to know where to...
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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco offers captivating views and is a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring California.

Exploring San Francisco this 2021: COVID-friendly Activities & Tours

When COVID-19 arrived to dominate the course of 2020, San Francisco was a very different place. Tourists were packed like sardines throughout Fisherman’s Wharf. Union Square department stores were brimming with shoppers. Selfie-takers could be spotted up and down any one of our colorful Victorian lined streets. Our city remains to be as picture-perfect as...
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Napa Valley Wine Tours

Sonoma and Napa Valley Wine Tours With Incredible Adventures

California’s Wine Country is the home of over 800 wineries, all waiting to be explored by you! Eight hundred wineries is overwhelming, which is why Sonoma and Napa Valley wine tours were created. Find the best tour for you and enjoy Wine Country as you should! The 3 Supreme Sonoma and Napa Valley Wine Tours...
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A person is strolling along a pier in San Francisco.

Tips for Traveling to San Francisco during COVID-19

With the recent outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, it’s a confusing time for many who are considering travel. Regardless of the destination, many travelers are confronted on what to do in terms of their long-awaited spring and summer plans. Here at Incredible Adventures we are monitoring the situation closely, but plan to run operations as normal...
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A bunch of black grapes hanging on a vine in a California vineyard.

Video Footage: An Incredible Day in Wine Country

Preview what it’s like to experience our tour of Napa and Sonoma from our passenger’s perspective! We sent out Mari Johnson, a California native, as a tourist in her own city. Whether you’re traveling from across the world or across the Bay, a day spent in Wine Country is always a treat! Check out the...
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Cheers! Wine tasting at Imagery in Sonoma County on our Napa & Sonoma tour

Open That Bottle!

Come on, open it. You know the bottle we’re talking about. The expensive one you bought on vacation in Napa 5 years ago. The one you got as an anniversary present, or from your boss for a job well done, or that you bought for a “special occasion” that never really manifested. Yeah, THAT bottle....
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Explore the breathtaking beauty of Yosemite Falls while embarking on an unforgettable tour in California's renowned Yosemite National Park.

Winter with IA

Despite the freakishly warm weather in San Francisco, our summer season at Incredible Adventures is officially at a close! We welcome the shoulder season, as we ease into winter both here in San Francisco, and out on the road in Yosemite National Park and in Wine Country. Our Yosemite 1-Day , Muir Woods and Wine, and Napa & Sonoma Wine...
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A glass of red wine in hand is always great

I Heart Wine: Drinking for Health

Bad news for couch-potato drinkers. A new study called “In Vino Veritas” was presented on September 2, 2014 at the ESC Congress by Prof Milos Taborsky of the Czech Republic. This study showed that though wine DOES protect against cardiovascular disease, it only works if you exercise. The theory of heart-healthy wine consumption has been...
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