Biodiesel: By All Means

National Biodiesel Board recently featured our company on America’s Advanced Biofuel website. We were selected as one of eight stories to highlight Biodiesel in Action from coast-to-coast.

Check out their video interview here!

It was the middle of the night when our owner, Jolie Ginsburg, woke up with a harsh realization: Our petroleum tours to the natural gems surrounding San Francisco were harmful and unsustainable. She woke her partner, Brian Deninger, up and confessed her unwillingness to be complacent on the matter any longer.  From then on, they vowed to only use alternative fuels whenever possible.

And we did! Today, our growing fleet sets the standard for sustainability by running on 99.9% biofuel!

Click here to learn why IA chooses eco-friendly biofuel alternative fuel!

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