Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tours from San Francisco

If you’re looking for the best California Wine Country tours, look no further than Incredible Adventures’ Napa Valley wine tours and Sonoma wine tours.

Starting with a hotel pickup, we will transport you on our green, sustainable tours in one of our Biodiesel vans. The party will then begin with a small group guided by one of our local experts.

Whichever of our Sonoma or Napa Valley wine tours from San Francisco you decide to embark on, all tours include iconic San Franciscan scenery. Beginning with a photo opportunity at the Golden Gate Bridge, then on to fine wine tastings from the best-rated wineries in the region.

Each of our Napa and Sonoma Valley trips includes stopping in the local area with opportunities to try local lunch stops and check out craft souvenirs. Return from your excursion with newfound knowledge and perhaps a couple of new bottles of wine.

Incredible Adventures’ Napa Valley wine tours and Sonoma Valley tours can also be extended to include optional visits to Alcatraz Island, Redwood forests (Muir Woods National Monument), and overnight stays in hotel accommodations.

So sit back, relax, and sip wine in the historic California Wine Country. Both Napa and Sonoma Valley offer award-winning wineries, beautiful views, and peaceful scenery.

With rolling hills and valleys, both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are built on a history that is as rich as its soil. From the first grown grapes and Prohibition to the thriving scene today, learn about the history of both of these grape-growing locations.


Napa Valley has a diverse history that began with settler Settler George Yount planting grapes in the area in 1836. As other plantations grey, the late 1890s saw root louse phylloxera killing more than 80% of the grapevines. A small pest that caused the wine industry to need a 100-year recovery period.

As this bug continued to feast on Napa’s vineyards, farmers began growing prunes and walnuts to try and make a living from the land. But, by Prohibition from 1920-1933, the wineries that had survived phylloxera had to close down.

In 1944, seven surviving wineries worked together to form the Napa Valley Vintners Association, vowing to make the best wines possible. Between 1940-1980, Napa Valley reinvented its image, working to become the tourist hub it is today. The Association now represents 525 wineries.

In 1981, Napa Valley became the first American Viticultural Area in California. While it is a relatively small area, the region produces world-famous wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Now, Napa Valley is home to over 500 wineries. Learn about Napa Valley’s rich history on our Napa valley wine tours from San Francisco.

Compared to Napa, Sonoma County is a much wider area, stretching 1,768 square miles in comparison to Napa’s 30-mile length and five miles width at its widest point. In Sonoma, many of the towns it encompasses are entrenched in the wine industry, with around 425 wineries and tasting rooms.

Sonoma County also borders the Pacific Ocean, if you drive far enough! For 55 miles, Sonoma County comprises a rugged coastline, which many consider the secret ingredient to some of its coveted Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Sonoma Valley has the longest wine-growing history in Sonoma County, dating back to the 1800s when Russian colonists planted grapes at Fort Ross on the Sonoma Coast in 1812. In 1823, Spanish Franciscan Father Jose Altamira of the Sonoma Mission also planted several thousand vines.
Similarly, Sonoma Valley was also struck by Prohibition and less than 50 of its wineries survived this period. By the 1960s, cultural shifts and values regenerated interest in wine so by the 1970s wine consumption had increased by 40% nationwide.

Sonoma Valley is best known for its robust Zinfandel and you can find out more over a glass on one of our Sonoma Valley tours from San Francisco.

Best Time to Visit

There’s never a bad time to visit Napa Vallery or Sonoma! The weather is known for being great throughout the year, with the usual seasonal drops. The quieter, cheaper season in Napa Valley is in spring, where you’ll experience warm days (mid-to-high 60s) and cooler nights (mid-to-high 40s).

In Sonoma, the most popular months to visit are between June and October, when temperatures stay in the mid-80s and upper 70s respectively. Winter is the quieter period, so keep this in mind for lower prices and fewer visitors!

Featured Tours

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting this beautiful part of the world, we recommend our Napa and Sonoma Full Day Wine Tasting Tour to squeeze all the juice out of your trip! Fill your glass at three of our favorite wineries and enjoy visiting several boutique and large-scale wineries.

This full-day tour includes door-to-door transportation and a narrated journey from one of our local professional guides. We’ll drive you through Wine County’s patchwork farms, rolling hills, and lush valleys, stopping at lunch in one of the quaint towns of Sonoma or Yountville.

By the day’s end, you’ll know almost everything about the area’s grapes and the journey from growth to glass. This tour is not only a delicious learning experience but a great way to enjoy one of our stress-free California Wine Country tours and see more of the state.

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