Meet Stephen, Our Incredible Guide

A bearded young man from California posing for a photo during a small group tour in San Francisco.

Stephen Bendit

Tour Guide

Raised in the Midwestern USA, Stephen’s parents took long vacations to show their kids that there were other landscapes besides endless flat soybean fields and cornfields. Eventually, he moved to Colorado, got a degree in art/science education, became a hiking naturalist for the world’s largest YMCA, and has worked in different forms of outdoor guiding ever since. Many seasons were spent in the USA, Alaska, and Canada in a small green tent, immersed in amazing scenery. He also was a National Park Ranger in Rocky, Sequoia, Yellowstone, and Glacier, and loves his Yogi Bear hat. Besides sharing “the backyard” with people, he also enjoys outdoor abstract photography, and growing his own vegetables when there is time.

He has become a bit of a collector recently, compiling high points from each State, as well as National Parks and Monuments. (Mike collects the National Park passport stamps, and Stephen collects the Park brochures). During the off-season in Boulder Colorado, he works for a company that transports people with disabilities and loves to share his photos and tales with his passengers.

Between gigs, there is lots of time for international travel, relaxing with housemates and friends, and keeping two felines entertained with catnip.