Meet Kate, Our Incredible Guide

A bearded young man from California posing for a photo during a small group tour in San Francisco.

Kate Downie

Tour Guide

A southeastern CT native, Kate was born an outdoor and travel enthusiast. She has traveled all over the U.S., camping in the National Parks; dancing, tasting, and exploring the cities. Along with her love of adventure and nature, she has had many other loves. Since childhood her vocation was the theater. (This also imparted her with an eclectic taste for fine wines from years for waiting tables in New York City).

Like many of New York’s talented, yet failed actors, she traveled for months in India and became a yoga teacher. Back in NYC she taught not only in studios, but in the public schools, teaching academics through art, yoga, and meditation to students, teachers, and parents.

In 2018 she decided she really rather just travel, climb, and backpack full time. Tour guiding was her way to combine all her great loves into one big love fest of life. During the pandemic she social distanced by living the van life and has not looked back.