facebook rubyJust north of our city of San Francisco, and just a bit farther north of wine country where we travel with our passengers everyday, one of the most devastating fires in our state’s history is raging. At this time, nearly 600 homes have burned and an estimated 13,000 people have been displaced within a total of about 67,000 acres.

As an adventure company we are used to showing our passengers a good time in this particular region. We have a deep connection with this land so this hit way too close to home and sobered us all.

“My wife, Jennifer, and I read late into the night Sunday, about the devastating Valley Fire in Northern California,” JD Boyle, our General Manager said. “Middletown and Harbin Hot Springs hold a special place in our hearts. So many places up there just got rocked.”

The owners of our company, Brian Deninger and Jolie Ginsburg, were equally as concerned. They sent a text to JD Monday morning asking how we could arrange a donation for our neighbors in need.

Considering all of the camping trips that we operate across the country – especially during the Summer – we’ll seasonally end up with extra sleeping bags, tents, pillows and blankets. These were just the items local churches and organizations were hoping to collect!

We got in touch with The Bridge, a church in Santa Rosa that exists to connect people to the community.

thebridgewebsite“There is a trailer parked in the parking lot of the church (301 Fulton Rd.) where you can bring supplies,” a statement on their website explained. “We are focusing on collecting tents, camping chairs, air mattresses, pumps, and bedding.”

We loaded a van to the brim with whatever would fit and Ruby, JD’s daughter, made room for a few extra toys. Jen and Ruby sprang into action, heading North to bring supplies to those in need.

“I’m so bummed for those people who have lost so much,” JD said. “I hope they can use the things we sent up.”

The church was extremely grateful and expressed gratitude through social media and their website.

They are also still accepting monetary donations via their website: http://www.thebridgeconnects.org/relief

We, at Incredible, appreciate their facilitation in helping us support our community at large.donating instagram

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