Pacific Northwest Tour of Seattle and Portland - 4 Day Hotel Adventure

Why We Love this Tour

“The Pacific Northwest is full of so much greenery and the freshest air – you’re going to love experiencing all the beauty in the diverse rainforests.”

– Lauren C.

Tour Highlights

  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington & Oregon Pacific Coastline
  • Olympic National Park
  • Astoria, OR
  • Mt Rainier National Park
  • Portland, OR
  • Ferry across Elliott Bay

…AND stay overnight in comfy hotel accommodations!

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Hike through the trails in Washington and Oregon's national parks

Hike through the trails in Washington and Oregon’s national parks

There's nothing quite like the Washington coastline!

There’s nothing quite like the Washington coastline!

Ride a ferry from Seattle across Elliott Bay

Ride a ferry from Seattle across Elliott Bay

See the beautiful views along Washington and Oregon road and waterways

See the beautiful views along Washington and Oregon road and waterways

Get up close and personal at the Pacific Ocean

Get up close and personal at the Pacific Ocean

See the craggy peaks of Mount Rainier dusted with snow

See the craggy peaks of Mount Rainier dusted with snow

The iconic rugged coastline of Oregon is a must-see

The iconic rugged coastline of Oregon is a must-see

The melting snow from Mt Rainier winds through the forests

The melting snow from Mt Rainier winds through the forests

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Pacific Northwest National Parks Tour from Seattle

Feel the worries of the outside world dissolve as you embark on a 4-day journey through the incomparable wonders of the Pacific Northwest. With over 15 unique destinations spanning two states you’ll get your fill of a multitude of natural marvels and cultural landmarks. This exclusive tour includes hikes traversing old growth forests, journeys back in time to rustic logging towns, expeditions that follow thick blankets of fog from windswept shores to the sanctuary of one of the largest temperate rainforests in the United States.

You’ll set off by across the glittering waters of the Puget Sound stopping on Bainbridge  Island before crossing into the lush greenery of Olympic National Park, where you’ll taking a misty journey through the some of the oldest preserved forests. You’ll make your way along the water and across mighty rivers into the charming city of Portland.

From the rugged and windswept shores of Washington and Oregon’s Pacific coast to the towering majesty of Mount Rainier National Park, this three night/four day Pacific Northwest Tour is an adventurer’s dream.


**Weather permitting: Some activities are not accessible in extreme weather or due to road closures. Every attempt will be made to find comparable activities if these options are not available during your trip. This tour runs on selected departure dates, June-September.

**Tour Scheduling Tip: Space on this tour fills up fast! We recommend that you make your reservation far in advance of your intended travel date in order to secure your space. If your intended date is NOT available, we will try our best to help find something for you.**




Bright and early, we’ll gather in front of Seattle’s world famous Ye Olde Curiosity Shop to meet your guide and connect with your fellow adventurers. This location gives ample opportunity to admire the view from the heart of Seattle’s waterfront. We’ll do a quick introduction, make up some secret handshakes, pass out tickets for the ferry head across Elliot Bay.

With a breeze tickling across your skin, you’ll be able to take in the gorgeous panoramic views of the Puget Sound before arriving on Bainbridge Island to settle into your mini-coach for the next leg of the trip. We’ll take a break for lunch once we arrive in the beautiful harbor city, Port Angeles, where the mild mediterranean climate offers the perfect setting to enjoy the sunshine.

Once we’ve eaten our fill on the waterfront, our next stop will be in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Keep your hiking shoes close by, because we’ll be taking our first excursion along the brilliant blue waters of Lake Crescent.  

The last will be your first taste of Olympic National Park, which comprises nearly a million acres, 70 miles of continuous undeveloped coastline, and more than 600 miles of trails. Although Olympic is one of the most visited park destinations in the country, averaging over 3 million people every year, you could explore for miles and hardly run into another soul (we also offer private tours to Olympic National Park from Seattle or Portland).

We’ll stop next in the rustic logging town of Forks, where we’ll hunker down for the night.




In the morning we’ll head west into the dreamy, moss-drapes scenery of the Hoh Rainforest. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of Washington state, the rainforest collects moisture from the Pacific Ocean causing a whopping 12 feet of rainfall every year.

You’ll get a chance take in the damp earthy smells as you hike through the forest before we head to the sandy coast of Ocean shores for a scenic lunch.

We’ll jump the state line into the beautiful state of Oregon, where we’ll stop to enjoy dinner or taste the craft beer at one of the breweries in the charming port city of Astoria.




Day three starts bright and early as we head to the highest point in Astoria, Coxcomb Hill where you’ll catch sight of the entire city 600 feet above sea level from the top of the Astoria Column. An artistic marvel, the column was constructed in 1926 and covered top to bottom with colorful murals depicting the history of Oregon.

Following the curve of the Columbia River, we’ll make our way into The City of Roses, craft brews, and hipsters, also known as Portland! You’ll head downtown, where you can spend time perusing the selection at the famous Powell’s City of Books, stand in line for mouthwatering Voodoo Doughnuts, or stroll along the river and visit the world’s smallest park.

You’ll have ample time to get a taste of Portland’s unique nightlife before settling in for the night.




You’ll have the morning to stroll along the Willamette, relax at Buckman Field Park, or even go back to Voodoo Doughnuts for round two before we set off on the last day of your tour.

We’ll head back into the wilderness to hike some of the trails around the the majestic Mount Rainier National Park.

This stratovolcano reaches more than 14,000 feet and has more glaciers than any other mountain in the continental United States! You won’t have time to summit the mountain, but you’ll spend plenty of time on some of the trails surrounding the Paradise area of the park. After a few hours appreciating the amazing views of the mountain and wildflowers, you’ll head back toward where your adventure began: the Emerald City, Seattle.



**Sample Itineraries: Please note that due to rapidly-changing conditions beyond our control (weather, crowds, traffic) and the small size of our vehicles/groups, we allow our guides the flexibility to tailor your itinerary to best suit the needs of the group. While we guarantee that we’ll do our best to provide you with all of the highlights within this Yosemite and Tahoe Sierras Tour itinerary (conditions permitting), we do not guarantee them in this specific order. *

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