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  • Downtown Food Tour - Walking on the Street 2

    Learn about the history, architecture and food scene in downtown LA
  • Downtown Food Tour - Tacos at Guisados

    Enjoy LA flavors as you work your way through a 4-course progressive dinner
  • Downtown Food Tour - Peddlers Creamery Putting Wedges in Ice Cream

    Go behind-the-scenes into the kitchen where all ice cream is churned by bicycle
  • Downtown Food Tour - Cheersing Beers at Nickel Diner

    Cheers to food & stories with others on this unique social dining experience

Downtown LA Culinary Experience


  • Meet Chefs, restaurant owners and industry experts
  • Trendy Restaurants
  • Incredible Architecture
  • Four Restaurants
  • Alcohol Pairing Upgrade (optional)

Retail price: $84*

Web price: $79*

Internet savings: $5


*Advance Tickets are required. Must be 16+years to join this tour.

Downtown Food Tour - Inside Bradbury BuildingOur Los Angeles four-course progressive dining experience showcases the innovation and trendy restaurants of the Los Angeles culinary world. Stroll through the historic core neighborhood learning about its fascinating history and incredibly captivating architecture, while going behind-the-scenes to meet chefs, restaurant owners and industry experts. Our Downtown LA Culinary Experience concludes with mouthwatering desserts near the Bradbury Building.

Downtown LA Culinary Experience

Tours: Thursdays at 2pm, Fridays at 10am, Saturdays at 2pm, and Sundays at 10am
Departs: Downtown Los Angeles Historic Core
Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Transport: Walking
Activities: Photography, Food Tastings, Cocktails, Beer, Sightseeing, History
Included: Food Tastings
Not Included: Guide Gratuity (optional)
Alcohol Pairing Upgrade for guests 21+: $16 per person for two tastings (optional)

PLEASE READ: Our terms/conditions and cancellation policy

Sample Itinerary

Appetizers: (Guisados) Braised taco flight of chicken mole poblano, steak picado and calabacitas tacos with housemade horchata at authentic yet trendy Mexican restaurant
(Clifton’s Cafeteria) Turkey Pot Pie made from the Original 1930s recipe inside the largest cafeteria in the world recently restored to its original glory and boasting one of the most theatrical dining experiences
(Wood Spoon) Savory Kibe and Pastel Portuguese croquettes at rustic Brazilian home cooked restaurant from chef Natalia – this is the authentic soul of Los Angeles
Entree (Nickel Diner) Enjoy Momma’s home cooking with a delicious bowl of pozole soup at one of Jonathan Gold’s top 101 Los Angeles restaurants
(Cole’s) Delve into one of Los Angeles’ most famous sandwiches, the French Dip, at its home of origin and hear the real story of its rivalry and Ramon’s family’s bread recipe
Dessert (Peddler’s Creamery) Go behind-the-scenes into the kitchen at an environmentally friendly creamery where all ice cream is churned by bicycle and enjoy a cup of two rotating flavors: honey lavender and orange chocolate ice creams with waffle cone wedge
2 DRINK ALCOHOL PAIRING UPGRADE OPTIONS [$18 PER PERSON] (WoodSpoon) Delicious cinnamon infused red wine sangria paired with Brazilian bites that will blow your mind

(Nickel Diner) A glass of Sauvignon Blanc paired with delicious pozole

**Sample Itineraries:  This Downtown LA Culinary Experience has 4 stops and rotate based on tour date and time. While we love the diverse ways our guests choose to eat, we can only accommodate vegetarians, pescatarians, or pregnant guests. We unfortunately cannot accommodate any other dietary restrictions, allergies, gluten-free, dairy-free or other food preferences at this time, as there simply isn’t always a “next-best” option.**

What to Bring:

  • Camera
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Government issued I.D. for those who upgrade with alcohol pairing (must be +21)

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