Mikayla Matheson - Incredible Adventures

Born and raised in the beaches of south shore Massachusetts, Mikayla’s love for camping under the stars and hiking through pine covered forests did not come until years later. After becoming acquainted with the songs of Tanzania’s highlands one summer in college, she traded her salty sandals in for dirt trodden boots. Throughout college Mikayla ventured around New England running, hiking, and biking through hills but headed west after graduation with a desire to be surrounded by mountains bigger than what her hometown could offer. She taught outdoor education in the Sierra Nevada mountains with an emphasis in environmental stewardship and leadership development. The mountains quickly became a second home and the diversity among California’s landscape has kept the adventures coming. When Mikayla is not exploring a new corner of the west you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe to take on the trail, reading the newest memoir in her hammock, or en route to a new donut shop as she has a bucket list of 36 across the U.S.

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