Matt Gnadinger - Incredible Adventures

Matt grew up in Louisville, KY where he made frequent trips to Red River Gorge and many other beautiful outdoor spots in the region. As a kid he was in scouting which allowed him to do all sorts of adventures like camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, etc. The summer before high school he went on a month long trip across Europe as a student ambassador that really ignited his love of traveling. A few years later he did a two-week backing trip through the New Mexican wilderness. So far Matt has lived in Kentucky, New York, Michigan, and Texas, always exploring and experiencing as much as each state can offer. In his most recent job he was able to travel all across the US as a roadshow salesman for Cutco at Costco. While he got to see so many different places, the downside was all the time he spent inside instead of out in nature where he yearned to be.  Soon Matt decided to find a job where he could continue to travel but focus on being outdoors instead. This brought him to Incredible Adventures where he splits his time guiding and assisting the fleet and operations team in San Francisco.

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