Jaimie Hilton - Incredible Adventures
Originally from England, Jaimie has been living in the US for nearly 6 years. What was meant to be a 2 year stay, turned into becoming a permanent resident and making California her home after falling in love with the US and the outdoor lifestyle. She’s been hiking up mountains since she can remember and has managed to turn her passion for the outdoors into her job. From Ireland to India, Jaimie has explored over 40 countries so far and the list of places to visit just keeps growing. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she’s completed many courses across the globe; from free diving in Mexico to mountaineering in Alaska, scuba diving, parachuting, skydiving and many more. Recently she’s cycled 700 miles through Oregon and solo hiked 265 miles through the Sierra Nevada’s. In her spare time she’ll usually be throwing her tent and hiking shoes on and disappearing off into the wilderness or hatching a plan for the next adventure. Next on the list is Patagonia. Or Chile. Or Columbia. Or all of them. Yosemite is still one of her favorite places in the world and she loves taking groups there each week to explore the beautiful National Park and it’s amazing scenery.

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