Daniel Gail - Incredible Adventures

Daniel spent the majority of his childhood on the beautiful sunny beaches of Santa Barbara, California. Being raised in a Mexican household and even living in Mexico for a portion of his younger life, caused him to speak Spanish as his first language. Growing up he got bit by the traveling bug when he had the opportunity to travel the country with his club soccer team playing in tournaments from Seattle, Washington all the way to Germantown, Maryland with amazing cities in between. After High School he attended College for a year in Santa Barbara before realizing he wanted to explore a lot more of what the East Coast has to offer. So he packed his bags and moved to Philadelphia where he continued his education and embraced an entirely new adventure. During that time he has logged a lot of driving time! Driving from Philly all the way to Key West, Florida which is the lowest point in the continental U.S and back again. Then accomplished a cross country road trip from Philly to Santa Barbara then back to Philly. That trip influenced him to move out to San Francisco and start working as a guide!

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