Safety has always been first and foremost at Incredible Adventures. We believe that every trip can be fun and enlightening without ever sacrificing our passenger’s or driver’s well-being. That’s why in March 2016, our Operations Team implemented the Smith System – a globally accredited professional driver training course that adds value to a driver’s current habits.

It’s a comprehensive program comprised of both classroom lessons and on-the-road training that builds on the safety values and practices that we’ve always taught to our employees.

“That’s why I think it’s so successful,” says Anne Mayovsky, our Sustainable Fleet Manager. “You learn about why something should be done in a scientific and relatable way, then you get to put it to the test!”

There are elements of statistics and science that back up each of the program’s main points, and our company works to instill the values and keys of the system throughout the year. This system allows our company to have a standardized, elevated level of safety. Each guide receives the same quality of training whether they come to us as a beginner, or as a more experienced driver.

“There’s something to be said about the standardization of safe driving,” said Mayovsky. “Everybody is on the same level and using the same terms. Standardization helps to unify our team and improves our continued training throughout the season.”

We can also correlate this training to an improved bottom line for the company. Over the past year, we’ve reduced our costs of minor vehicle repairs and insurance for our drivers!

Before training our guides, our operations management team went through the course themselves. Our office hosted an intensive week-long course and even opened it up to the community by inviting drivers from around the Bay Area to join in on the Smith System safety fun.

Smith System is considered the gold standard of transportation because of its continual training both for drivers and ambassadors. While the managers’ instructing certifications are good for two years, driver certifications are refreshed each year. We’re looking forward to onboarding new guides with this material, going through it again with returning staff in the upcoming months and re-certifying our management next winter – before the 2018 season begins.

Incredible Adventures is committed to being the safest transportation and tour company on the road. We’re constantly evaluating new technology and systems to accomplish that goal. We’re proud to bring on the Smith Safety program as part of our immersive classroom and on-the-road training so that all of our drivers and passengers can enjoy the ultimate Incredible (and safe) Adventure!

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