Pier 39We think the best way to help our customers book tours in the city is to send our representatives out to experience them first hand. So we sent Leslie, one of our Customer Service Reps (CSR), to visit the Aquarium of the Bay. As a sea life enthusiast and tourist for the day, she brought her boyfriend along who had never been to an aquarium before! 

TurtlesLocated at Pier 39, the Aquarium is easy to access. Leslie took one of the many car share services available north towards the water. 
They started at the coral reef exhibit which is known as the most diverse underwater ecosystem. They saw some small fish with metallic streaks, creatures that looked like the cast from Finding Nemo and tiny shrimps and lobsters! 

Organized by the different depths of the ocean, they passed tanks filled with sharks, sea turtles and lizards. There were even interactive displays with starfish for hands-on learning.Hands On

The highlight of Leslie’s trip was the jellyfish exhibit. From the egg-yolk jellyfish “that completely lives up to its name” to the raving moon jellyfish reflecting the lights of its color changing tank, it easily became her personal favorite.

As a memento to their aquatic day, the two purchased the picture that the Aquarium of the Bay snaps right before you enter one of the exhibits.

“We were posing incredibly cheesy, but it was an adorable souvenir. I would definitely recommend going to the aquarium for anyone of any age. Learning about and actually seeing the animals that are living right in our Bay was fascinating!”souvenir


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