Picture this: You work for a tech start-up in sunny California. After writing code in the morning, you eat a healthy catered-in lunch. You challenge a colleague to a match of table tennis to get those creative juices flowing. You head back to your desk to answer an inbox full of emails, and then head to the coast: a scenic hike or surf session calls your name before the sun goes down. The Golden State life perfectly balances work and play, and the South Bay has become a mecca for some of the world’s smartest and happiest engineers. It’s the home to international brands such as Hewlett Packard, eBay, Apple and more! Ever wanted to see where this computer magic all goes down? Now you can! Incredible Adventures’ exclusive new tour from San Francisco allows guests to ‘Check-In’ to Silicon Valley and then ‘Check-Out’ the Pacific Coast Highway 1. From PCs to the PCH – this tour highlights California’s past, present, and future!

Here’s the Scoop:Take a selfie with the Google Campus Android sculpture!

California has experienced periods of population influx for a variety of reasons. Some have flocked here for gold, some for freedom, and others for fame. Most recently, they’ve come seeking innovation! In a region synonymous with start-up culture, the tech-scene plays a huge role in the area’s population growth, economy, and gentrification. The Bay Area is home to over 70,000 different companies and has a fascinating backstory of how it all came to be. People all over the world use the websites and products that are made by the brilliant minds in this slice of the world. These tech companies’ massive campuses are depicted in movies, TV, and articles describing some of the top places to work. Silicon Valley has become as sought out by travelers as the Golden Gate Bridge, Wine Country, and Yosemite National Park. Without formal tours in place, tourists often rent cars to head towards Mountain View for glimpses of these companies from the outside.  The public has limited access to tech workplaces to avoid major daily distractions to the employees, and without a guide, these public areas can feel unfulfilling. Your Incredible Adventures trip will provide relevant context: our guides’ narratives will tie together the impact this area has had, not just on the Bay Area, but in connecting our entire world!

Tech Tour Itinerary

After departing San Francisco, we’ll stop aVisit the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley to learn the history of tech in California and beyond!t the Computer History Museum where nostalgia sets in. Visitors are reminded of the early (and mostly outdated) inventions that led us to the convenient technologies we have today. Next, we’ll head to Google Campus and their gift shop. Passengers can feel what it must be like to head to work in Mountain View. Facebook‘s famous thumbs-up sign will also make for a perfect photo opportunity.  One post from here will undoubtedly gain all of the ‘likes’ from your online followers. You can rent a kayak in Half Moon Bay and spend your free time paddling on the beautiful Pacific Ocean.Full-day passengers will then take in the scenic landscapes along California’s coast. Whether we set up for a picnic, keep an eye out for wildlife, or try some water sports such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, the views will not disappoint around Half Moon Bay. Incredible Adventures is excited to launch our new Silicon Valley and Pacific Coast Highway 1 Tour.  This exclusive access from the city makes learning about the tech boom and exploring the Pacific Ocean’s expansive views all accessible in one day. Be an early adopter of this new user experience. Navigate through time and space with Incredible Adventures!

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