For the last three years, you’ve done so much in just 365 days. In the next three years, you’ll  accomplish even more! But thanks to a Leap Year, we have 366. Let’s treat this bonus day of the year as such; Extra time that isn’t necessarily allocated for anything in particular.

Wondering what to do with this present-day present?  We’ve come up with a list of ways to spend your additional February day.

Go for a hike

Walk, Run, Climb, and Leap! Go outside and find something extraordinary on this extra day!

Splurge on a special bottle of wine

It’s technically a holiday… Right?

Extend your weekend for Travel

Travel to San Francisco and join us on a tour or travel on your own to a National Park near you!

Learn something new

Pick up a new hobby, book or fact that you can flaunt on the other 365 days of the year. The entire calendar grew this year so that you can achieve personal growth.


Old Irish legend says Leap Days are for switching traditional gender roles. Women are to ask their partners for their hand in marriage on Feb 29. We’re all for that and think your Honeymoon should be spent in Napa and Sonoma!

Spend it with the ones you love

Leap years are special and so are your friends and family. Use the spare time to make a phone call you’ve been trying to find time for. Or host the dinner that hasn’t fit into your busy schedule. One more day means more time for the ones who matter most! What would you do if you simply had more time? Cause this year, you literally do! Take advantage of Feb 29. You won’t have time like this until 2020!

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