Our Youngest Volunteer gearing up to help with our Volunteer clean-up Project in Muir WoodsWhen it comes to being San Francisco’s greenest tour provider, Incredible Adventures does more than just talk the talk. We try to minimize our carbon footprint on our daily tours to Yosemite, Muir Woods and Wine Country. On the road, we fuel our vehicles with petroleum alternatives. We are a recognized SF Green Business for the steps we take to conduct a more energy-efficient office. The most fun way we know how to give back, though, is by getting out in nature and lending a helping hand.  That’s why we gathered our staff and a handful of eager volunteers from our community to join us in Muir Woods for our second annual Incredible Day of Giving Back.

Tracy Neal, our project coordinator with the GGNRA Park Service, explains Deck Flossing to our VolunteersLast year, our team was assigned the task of removing invasive species. This year we worked with Tracy Neal, our project coordinator from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, on maintaining Muir Woods’ public walkways. Tracy taught our volunteers about the importance of Deck Flossing. The goal is to release the debris caught in-between the boards of the boardwalk. Given all the rain and wind the Bay Area experienced recently, it’s a particularly important year for this assignment  Removing the build-up along the walkway helps to prevent dry rot of the boards. It also allows water to access the thirsty redwood roots below. With up to 6,000 visitors every day, it’s important that guests have designated paths to walk on. That way we’re less likely to harm this world-renowned flora and fauna for generations to come!

Volunteers conducting Boardwalk MaintenanceVolunteers conducting Boardwalk Maintenance“Protecting the boardwalk, protects the entire forest,” said Tracy. 

Once we picked out the scrap from the wooden walkway, we used brooms and rakes to sweep all of the leaves, sticks, and dirt into wheelbarrows. We recycled what we had collected and scattered it over worn down “social trails”. This deters visitors from walking off of the boardwalk.

Wine and Beer Thank you ReceptionSo, what did our Incredible Volunteers accomplish that morning? Glad you asked:

Our team flossed and cleaned over 300 linear feet and redistributed over 18 cubic feet of duff! We’re so proud of our team and volunteers.

After we said our thanks and goodbyes to Tracy and those beautiful redwoods, we left Marin and headed back to Hostelling International in Fort Mason. A well-deserved thank you reception awaited our Incredible Volunteers! Representatives from our partner wineries in Sonoma – Benziger Family Winery and Robledo Family Winery – came to San Francisco, poured wine for our volunteers. They shared the unique stories that our passengers get to hear on our tours to Wine CountryHomewood Winery and Carneros Brewing Company also donated to the cause, to give our volunteers a taste of what our day tours are like for our guests.


Cheers to a job well done, Volunteers!

We’re so proud of the work that was accomplished, and the comradery that was built. We’re looking forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future, and a successful summer season ahead!Cheers to a Job Well Done, Volunteers

Please reach out if you know a group interested in giving back to the community. We’d love to help coordinate activities, provide transportation, and join in on the fun!

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