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Molly Spector

Incredible Guide
Molly grew up on a farm in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts surrounded by beautiful nature areas. During high school she spent a semester in the Bahamas where she fell in love with international travel, scuba diving, and the outdoors. This encouraged her to live in Fiji and the Bahamas again working on marine conservation…
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Nicole Jordan

Incredible Guide
Nicole grew up in Maryland and went to college at James Madison University in Virginia where she studied Sociology. After taking a few road trips out west to visit family and friends, when she was younger, she got an itch for travel, hiking and mountains. Going to school in the Shenandoah Mountains, she would hike…
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Jolie Ginsburg

Owner and CEO
Jolie Ginsburg is co-owner and CEO of Incredible Adventures. She started guiding for Incredible Adventures in 2000 soon after moving to San Francisco and 2 months later bought the company with her business partner Brian Deninger. She used to be on the road several days a week; now Jolie just does the occasional trip, but…
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Brian Deninger

Owner and President
Brian Deninger is co-owner and President of Incredible Adventures and is responsible for marketing and business development. Brian moved to San Francisco in 1999, worked temp jobs and wore a suit to his job at Citibank until buying the company with his business partner Jolie Ginsburg. He grew up in Fontana, about 45 minutes east…
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JD Boyle

General Manager
  How Long You’ve Been With Incredible Adventures – Since December 2014 (3.5 years)  Your Favorite Place to Travel To – Having traveled extensively around the world, I have to say that my go-to country for a guaranteed change of pace is Mexico. I love the taco stands, the exotic feel of the jungles, and settling into…
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Lauren Chouinard

Digital Marketing Manager
How Long Have You Been With Incredible Adventures? Since 2017 What is Your Favorite Place to Travel To? I’ve been all over the world but my favorite place to visit again and again is Los Angeles. Sure, the traffic is rough, but there’s nowhere else in the country with more oddball things to do and…
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Jessa Venegas

Global Accounts Manager

Vince Harrington

Fleet Manager

Lilly Neubecker

Incredible Guide
How Long You’ve Been With Incredible Adventures: This is my inaugural summer! Your Favorite Place to Travel To: there are few places I wouldn’t go back to, Budapest, Florence, Melbourne, Cape Reinga, California coast beach towns, and Yosemite are definitely an the top of the list though. Anywhere with beautiful trees and/or live music A Fun Fact: I’m…
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