It’s the trifecta of holidays for environmentalists.

John Muir’s Birthday today, Earth Day on Saturday, and National Park Week are all converging into an epic outdoor weekend. We’re inspired! The mountains are calling and Incredible Adventures must go.

taking in the vast views of yosemite valley from above

Since much of the workforce takes time off for National Holidays, they can take a long weekend, travel, and experience a day or multi-day tour with us that they wouldn’t have the time to take otherwise.

Still, most holidays are the best days for business here at our company and within the tourism industry. So usually on those days we report to work to deliver the holiday experience to our passengers. We love leading tours for aspiring adventurers – taking them to California’s greatest destinations such as Yosemite National Park, Tahoe, Muir Woods, Wine Country and along the Coast.

Today though, we’ll lead by example.

We’re opting outside and think you should too!

John Muir, born on April 21st, 1838, was a naturalist, philosopher, and early advocate for the preservation of our country’s wilderness. In honor of this environmental visionary (who would have been 179 today), we’re reporting to the outdoors for the long weekend recognizing both his birthday and Earth Day.
What can you do for John Muir’s Birthday and Earth Day Weekend?volunteering in muir woods national monument in honor of John Muir
  • Take advantage of National Park Week: National Park’s are admission free through Sunday (4/23). Our favorite is Yosemite National Park, but wherever you are around the US, whatever your interests are – there is a National Park for you.
  • Volunteer: Just a few weeks ago, Incredible Adventures volunteered in Muir Woods National Monument with industry partners and friends. It’s rewarding and refreshing!
  • Go for a Hike: There are proven studies that state that any time spent out in nature is beneficial for your health and happiness. In Japan, the practice of shirin-yoku (forest bathing) is said to relieve stress and enhance your health! Connecting with nature via the trees, the ocean, the wildflowers, in a desert – wherever – reminds us to explore, play, and discover!

Incredible Adventures loves our wildlands. We know it’s necessary for us to get out and refresh our minds and revitalize our respect for the outdoors. Not only do we love bringing our guests there, but it inspires our souls to go to these places ourselves. It’s important for us to have those quiet moments of reflection to remember why we love this so much.

**Important to Note** All scheduled tours will run as planned. Certain members of our office staff will have the day off, while others will get to celebrate by choosing another time this month for their outdoor refreshment. Gotta keep the adventures rolling behind the scenes!

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