A representative from our marketing team recently headed to SoCal to spread the word about our new tour along the Pacific Coast Highway. While this tour is set to head one way from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it will also head back North with a new set of passengers from LA to SF.
There seemed to be a lot of interest. Concierges were relieved to hear of a fresh solution for their guests. Rather than renting a car or book a last minute flight, we’re eliminating the hassles. No need to figure out how to rent a car, worry about GPS malfunctions or look for overnight accommodations. We’ve got it all covered!
With overnight stops in Monterey and San Luis Obispo, we’ll also stop for hikes in places like Big Sur, the Grand Room tour of Hearst Castle and enjoy the scenic route up or down California’s golden coast along the way.
It’s important to get the word out to concierges because they live to provide the best guest experience for their clients! Knowing all of the options to fulfill any request that comes their way is what separates a good agent from the greatest. Before the world of Yelps and Google searches, concierges were – and are – the travel guru your vacation so desperately needs. They know where to eat, what to do and how to get you where you’d like to be.
And if that “where you’d like to be” is either San Francisco or Los Angeles – you can book your tour to cruise Highway 1 with Incredible Adventures today to save! Buy one seat and save 50% on the second. Book a flight in to LAX and out of SFO and enjoy the scenic route between the two!
Save 50% off the second seat then you book our NEW TOURS to Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, & Tahoe or up or down the California Pacific Coast from San Francisco or Los Angeles!

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