IA Represents at 10th Green Business Awards Reception

We were honored to participate in yet another Green Business Awards Reception as SF Green Business celebrated their event’s 10th year! It is one of our favorite affairs annually. With awards, good food, plenty of drinks and some of our most eco-friendly friends to catch up with – what’s not to love?

Wonderfully located at the Autodesk Gallery in the Financial District, just south of Market St and up on the 10th floor, it was a terrific space to celebrate being green. Our booth was set up in front of full-length windows that gave us expansive views of the city all lit up. We were appropriately placed in between the catered food to our left, Jamber’s delicious tater tots and mac’n’cheese to our right and directly across from the wine – talk about prime location! We like to think that people may have come for the tots, but stayed to hear about our trips to Yosemite and Wine Country.

The first part of the evening was designated for networking. SF Green Business events offer a unique opportunity for companies working in a wide spectrum of industries to interact. Showcasing the greenest tour provider in the city, we spoke with Salon Owners, Fashionistas, Beer Brewers, Hotel Managers, Top Chefs and more!

The second half of the exposition was the award ceremony. SF Green Business rewards certified businesses with handsome plaques and public recognition. We are proud to have renewed our certification for the fourth consecutive year!

Being grouped in with such exceptional and forward thinkers is truly an honor. We look forward to creative ways to work with these SF Green Businesses and another year of ecological successes!

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