- FAQ: Biodiesel Fuel Surcharge on Yosemite Tours - Incredible Adventures


A. Incredible Adventures uses a petroleum-free biofuel fuel. This this isn’t yet common in the industry and isn’t directly influenced by gas prices, but we’re still at the effect of market prices for our fuel, and sometimes even subject to limited supply. The surcharge is designed to adjust for fluctuating fuel/operation prices during the tour season. Generally the surcharge is about $10 per-tour and is limited to the tours with the longest drive-times (our Yosemite Tours). If your tour has an additional fuel surcharge, it will be clearly stated on the website or in the brochure.

We believe that protecting the environment from harmful emissions (and not being reliant on oil) is worth the additional cost of using an alternative fuel, and worth the extra work we do to maintain biofuel as a viable alternative in our industry. Our hope is that we can always be clear with our guests about these sorts of additions so there are no surprises, and make sure our clients know exactly what they’re getting, and what they’re paying for it.

Dogpatch Biofuels Station


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