Explore the San Francisco Bay - Best Views of the San Francisco Skyline!

Sail along the San Francisco Bay and learn more about the wildlife and conservation efforts that go into maintaining this important estuary.

San Francisco Bay is a shallow estuary in the U.S. state of California. San Francisco Bay drains water from approximately 40 percent of California. Water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, and from the Sierra Nevada mountains, flow into Suisun Bay, which then travels through the Carquinez Strait to meet with the Napa River at the entrance to San Pablo Bay, which connects at its south end to San Francisco Bay. The Guadalupe River enters the bay at its southernmost point in San Jose. The Guadalupe drains water from the Santa Cruz mountains and Hamilton Mountain ranges in southern most San Jose. It enters the bay at the town of Alviso. It then connects to the Pacific Ocean via the Golden Gate strait. However, this entire group of interconnected bays is often called the San Francisco Bay. The bay was designated a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance on February 2, 2012.

Tours of San Francisco Bay


Alcatraz Island Tour + San Francisco Bay Sailing Tour

2 days | $99 book now

Visit Alcatraz Island – San Francisco's #1 attraction! The next day, board a catamaran sailing vessel for an exciting tour of San Francisco Bay.


Alcatraz Tour + San Francisco Bay Sunset Cruise

1 day | $129 book now

The Best of the SF Bay in a Day! Visit Alcatraz Island – San Francisco’s #1 attraction, and then board a biodiesel ship for a relaxing cruise around San Francisco Bay with live music, refreshments, and a sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Alcatraz Night Tour + San Francisco Bay Cruise

1 day | $109 book now

The Best of the SF Bay in a Day! Board a biodiesel ship for a relaxing cruise around San Francisco Bay, and then visit Alcatraz Island – San Francisco's #1 attraction – at night!


San Francisco Sailing Tour

1-2 hours | $45 book now

Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, then circle past Alcatraz Island and Sausalito to Kirby Cove, where you might see whales and sea lions. Sip California wines in the cabin, or let the San Francisco Bay winds rip through your hair at the front of the boat.



San Francisco Bay Cruise

1-2 hours | $34 book now

Cruise along San Francisco's breathtaking waterfront, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and closely around Alcatraz Island on a biofuel ship!


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