Can we all agree that 2016 was a crazy, whirlwind of a year?


The news was filled with Zika Virus, Brexit, Cuba, Syria, hurricanes to our east, and earthquakes to our west. We lost Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, Harambe, and many more. Pokemon-Go had a nostalgic generation walking (and catching ’em all) for weeks! From the Olympics to the Election, this past year was intense, to say the least. It’s always around this time of year that people are ready for it to be over; for us all to just start anew.

But, rather than anticipating the end of 2016, Incredible Adventures is finding positivity and looking forward to what’s ahead! The funny thing about time is that it’s going to keep ticking no matter what. It’s all about our mindset as we take on what’s next. It’s a great measuring point to look back on how the past 12 months changed us and what tweaks can be made to really take 2017 to the next level!

So we asked our staff to share their personal New Year Resolutions with our followers. Setting achievable goals for the next 12 months will provide perspective, purpose, and direction for something grand and dare we say…Incredible! Have a look at what our team had to say. Be inspired to take on something special this year – big or small – and let us know if we can help accomplish any resolutions or trips on your bucket list in 2017 🙂

  Jolie, CEO My New Year resolution is to plant a garden.?   Brian, President My goal for this year is to be more active and lose a few pounds.  I would like to do an adventure race or triathlon with our team. ?   Damian, Operations I resolve to be as cute at the end of the year as I am in the beginning. ?   Dan, Controller In 2017, I will spend more time reflecting (rather than just for the New Year) and I’d like to spend more time meditating. ✌️   Jessa, Sales/Marketing: 
My New Years Resolution is to get my new bike (Xmas present!) and start riding it regularly. There are so many amazing places that are bike-able from my house in SF, and I want to see them all!
I also resolve to cook more food at home and to make more music with friends. ?
    Kevin, Head of Customer Service My new year resolution is to get out and backpack more this year. ?   Anne, Fleet Manager Gonna drink a few less beers, and a whole lot more wine! And this is the year I aim to finish paying off school debt, woohoo! ?   Mel, Sales & Marketing Visit Colorado, Austin, Chicago and maybe another stamp in the passport! ✈️   Leslie, Customer Service I resolve to take the bus to work more than I take Uber this year. ?   Vince, Fleet I’m going to do more backcountry snowboarding!

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