Our Sustainable Fleet Department is moving and grooving as we prep for the busy Summer season ahead. In addition to new wraps for our vehicles and trainings for our incoming guides, we’ve had promotions and job creations within our Operations department that will best serve our employees on the road and partners around the world as our company continues to evolve and steadily grow!

Vince Harrington, our Sustainable Fleet manager, training tour guides how to conduct PTIsFirst off, we’d like to congratulate Vince Harrington on becoming the new Sustainable Fleet Manager! Vince started working for us last year as a guide, but came to us with a wealth of fleet maintenance knowledge from previous positions. As Vince picked up more office hours and less time on the road, he solidified a full-time position on the Operations Team by Fall of 2016. He originally focused on servicing our vehicles and has moved his way up to oversee Incredible’s entire Fleet Program which includes driver logs, vehicle scheduling, DOT compliance and more.

So, where does that leave Anne Mayovsky, our former Sustainable Fleet Manager? With an exciting new title of her own.

Anne is bridging the gap between our guides, marketing department, operations team and partners as our Business Relationships Manager. As we develop new tours and evolve our existing ones, Anne’s in place to be the liaison to those on the road and the rest of us back at Headquarters. She’ll be mingling with wineries, hotels and other relevant suppliers to ensure Incredible Adventures is offering the best of the best to our clients at the best rates possible!Anne Mayovsky, our Business Relationships Manager, leading a tour at Imagery Winery

Anne has spent seven invaluable years on the road and within the industry learning what mutually works for passengers and businesses. Our company’s management team almost all come from tour guide roots so even our owners have that on the road mentality that works in our favor. As Anne transitions into this business development role, she will bring experiences that helped her lead 5-star tours to procedures that will help incoming guides do the same.

The drive here at Incredible Adventures is accelerating to full speed ahead! We’re looking forward to seeing these two grow their new positions as the entire Incredible team takes things to the next level in 2017.